Thursday, May 21, 2009

Chat/Game Page Redesign -Now Launched!

Hey guys,

We’re very excited to announce that the new chat/game page redesign will be launching soon after almost four months of work. I thought I’d give you guys a sneak peak!

We’ve rebuilt chat from the ground up and it now works quite differently from before, so it’s not just a shiny coat of paint. Some notable new features:

*Reduced lag/faster load times
*Game info (description, instructions, rating, etc) and achievement info as tabs in chat area
*Better chat profile (more info, recent badges displayed)
*Better room changer (integrated into chat area, favorite rooms, rooms organized by language, room descriptions)
*Better PMs (link to PM when you rollover a name, reply link on all PMs received, error messages if you PM someone offline)
*Friends online list integrated into chat
*Developer collaboration (just display to start with, we’ll add revenue share/D icons next)
*Better scrolling
*Support for non-unicode characters (Chinese, Japanese, Russians, Koreans, Israelis, etc can rejoice)
*The below game area of the chat is also getting a light redesign

(Orignally posted by Emily_Greer. Thought I would post to new members to the community. Sorry the pictures are a little small but you will live)

Click the images for them to get larger.

New Kongregate Version! (CR 2009.05.20)

New Kongregate version already? Yup, it’s true. Our developers are on fire! [insert NBA Jam announcer for anyone who’s old enough to know what I’m talking about] We’ve got a few new features as well as some bug fixes, mostly focused on getting our chat rock-solid and packed with cool stuff. We hope everyone enjoys!

As always, please feel free to add comments, questions, and suggestions to this thread.

I’ve included the newest changelog below, though you can also view the full (non-incremental) one at any time here.

CR 2009.05.19


- Fixed a bug where you couldn’t post messages with a " in it (this was actually patched last week as a quick fix rather than with a full deploy).

- You will now get an error explaining a session conflict or expiration in chat, which happens when you log in to another chat window or tab with the same username.

- We’ve added some new tracking statistics to help us debug any remaining connection issues that users are having. If you’re still having problems connecting, please check out my sticky either in the Kongregate forum or the Tech Support forum.

- You will now no longer be told you have a high score of “0” on newer games without high scores recorded yet.

- If you are using a version of Flash that will not work on the site (we support only Flash 9 or later) you will now be prompted to update your Flash player on games pages.

- For any Reddit users, when you use a Reddit link from a game it will now automatically submit to the gaming sub-Reddit section.

- Removed a problem that was causing issues with our lightbox registration in Opera.

- The Achievements tab will now automatically highlight your easiest unachieved badge on a game.

- Fixed a bug causing some people’s scores to be totaled with one badge’s points missing. Also ran a script to run through and fix any scores that were wrong, so everyone’s totals should be right now.

- New AFK feature! If you’ve been idle in chat for 15 minutes, your name will be grayed out in the userlist to show that you are currently away from your keyboard. It will automatically come back when you chat again or send a PM.

- Added a new feature that allows you to see how many people have earned each badge. Now you can know how truly awesome you are for having sat through the entire Balloon Invasion impossible badge (screenshot below).

- Last, but not least, back by popular demand: /msg! We have re-enabled /msg as a method of sending PMs to users. Sadly, we now have to remove the “No MSG” sticker from our label. :-(

Link to thread where this was posted

(I did not make this, Phoenix00017 did, Just thought I would post it to let you all know, if you don't check the forums or are just not smart enough to see the changes on your own.)

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Hello, Just thought I would post a blog and let you all know that I have been accepted into this wonderful little blog. It's Kyle94 from Kongregate, thanks for letting me participate in this blog! ♥

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I almost forgot to post this! Be it late, have a merry Christmas everyone! And don't forget to feed some local ducks.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Truth About Feed the Ducks

Okay, here's the truth.

A long time ago there was a creepy old man, he sat at the park and fed the ducks, but he was not the only one. There was also this old lady, and she fed the ducks, also. And then there was this dad who brought his little girl and they fed the ducks.

One day the ducks decided that they needed more than only a few supporters, so they got up and asked the creepy old man, the old lady, and the dad and his kid if they could spread the word of duck feeding. They all responded warily, like: "well, how do we do that?". But one of them, the girl, said... I know how. They knew she was the one.

The ducks brought her into her cave and after a long inspirational montage they had fulfilled their objective. The little girl known as Becca was now a Duck-Girl.

Now, Ducklette the Duck-Girl goes around spreading the word of feeding the ducks. To this day, the amount of duck-feeders has gone up 45%.

Thank you, Ducklette. For the ducks.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Not made by me, but a good lesson

Karoshi: Suicide Salryman Walkthrough!

Y HALO THAR EVERY1, it's time for a walkthrough.

First off, the goal of Karoshi is to kill your self. Arrow keys to move and space to shoot (if you have a gun). Let's get started!

49. IMPALE yourself on the spikes. If you can't beat this... Well, you suck. =/

48. Push the safe off the ledge so you can get up on the second ledge. IMPALE yourself.

47. Push the button so the safe falls. Push the safe onto the button, and IMPALE yourself.

46. Push a button. Jump up and push the safe over 'till it's directly above the button on the right. Push the button that the safe is over. CRUSH.

45. Don't hit the button just yet. Push the safe under the other safe first. Push Mr. Button, then push the bottom safe so that the top one CRUSHes you.

44. Get the pewpewpew gun. Jump and shoot until you get the safe off of the ledge. Use it to jump onto the ledge. IMPALE.

43. Shoot into the pink slope. Your bullet will bounce. Jump into the bullet when it comes pass. BLAM!

42. This one's a bit tricky. Shoot the safe (using the slopes) so that it will fall on you. CRUSH.

41. Stand on first ledge, and shoot 2 bullets really fast. If it worked, push the safe over to the wall, and IMPALE.

40. Bounce on Mr. Spring and shoot the pink block. Try to aim yourself into a bullet. BLAM!

39. See 40. It's almost the exact same thing, except a little trickier.

38. Shoot the boom blocks. Study where the safe lands, and restart so that you can CRUSH yourself. (note: explosions don't kill you.)

37. Push the boom block on the ledge so that it continues the boom chain over the block. Satand over the safe, and you will get CRUSHED.

36. Push the safe over to the edge of the boom blocks. Shoot the booms, and the safe will jumpo to the next group. Repeat, and stand under the safe so you get CRUSHED.

35. Walk through the side of the screen. Jump up, and IMPALE yourself.

34. Push the safe all the way to the right. Hit the button on the right.go back, and jump up so that you can push the very top safe. Push it through the switch, but NOT ONTO THE BUTTON. Use it to jump over the wall, and ELECTRIFY yourself.

33. Get the gun, and shoot the switch while on the left side to ELECTRIFY yourself.

32. Push the safe onto the safe switch (looks like a sideways [). Push the boom block next to the safe, while it still staying on the shock floor. Jump down and flip the switch. Stand under the safe to get CRUSHED.

31. Clear the safes out of the way by shooting them to the right. Once you break the wooden block, shoot bullets to try and hit yourself in that corridor.

30. IMPALE yourself.

29. Shoot through the wooden blocks. Jump up the ledges and shoot through the wooden blocks holding the safe. Run quickly over to get CRUSHED.

28. Jump down and shoot the pink blocks with at least 1 bullet. This will take a few tries. Push the button so the the safe falls on your side, CRUSHING you.

27. Run off the left side of the screen and shoot. Run back past the right side to hit yourself. BLAM!

26. Jump up and push the top safe onto the button on the left. Push the other safe onto the box button. Don't even bother with the third safe. Fall while shooting the wooden block and quickly running under it, getting you CRUSHED.

25. Push the boom block to the left off of the button blocks, but not off the ledge. Push the safe onto the button box and press the button so it falls. Push the boom block over to the wooden block and shoot it so it explodes. Pull the switch and head down. Push the safe onto the box button and ELECTRIFY yourself.

24. Jump and shoot the gun to push the safe over the ledge. Quickly run under it to get CRUSHED.

23. Shoot a bullet into the slope. Now, rapidly shoot bullets at the safe, pushing it to the right. When it lands on the button, IMPALE yourself.

22. Shoot rapidly before you hit the button, making the boom that just fell explode. Sprint over to under the safe to get CRUSHED.

21. Carefully shoot the safe so that it doesn't fall in a pit, yet your bullet hits it. When it hits the button, IMPALE yourself.

20. You can fall down the pit. Shoot the safes onto the buttons and IMPALE yourself.

19. Run over the button, shoot VERY VERY quickly, so that you kill yourself with a BLAM!

18. A test of speed. get CRUSHED.

17. Push the safe onto the box button. Walk through the left side of the screen, and IMPALE yourself.

16. Jump up the platforms. Notice you can jump off the top of the screen. Jump onto that ceiling block and IMPALE yourself.

15. Jump up the first 2 platforms. Jump off the left side onto the rightmost platform. Pull the switch, and ELECTRIFY yourself.

14. Hold right. ELECTRIFICATION!

13. Push the button. Press R. You'll be teleported over to the next room. Repeat until you can ELECTRIFY yourself. Now we're getting to the FUN levels. :D

12. Find the real spike. It's in the lower right. IMPALE yourself.

11. In this level you jump higher with every jump. Grab the gun, and shoot the pink blocks for a BLAM!

10. Tap left vvveeerrryyy slowly or else a wall will appear. Impalement!

9. Push down the boom block and shoot it to knock off the safe into an endless loop follow it, and you'll eventually be CRUSHED.

8. This is hard to explain, but try to get hit by a falling EXPLOSION.

7. Take one step to the right, and press "K" on your key board. CRUSHING! :D


5. Controls are simply reversed. Make your way up the platforms, and IMPALE yourself.

4. Click to make a block. Jump your way up with these created blocks to IMPALE yourself.

3. This is the best level ever. In it, your mouse is an invisible block. Work in conjunction of keyboard and mouse to get the safe to the button, and IMPALE yourself.

2. Press "return to menu" in the upper left corner. SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION! :D

1. Oh noes! The girl at the top is shooting hearts. AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS. The square randomly jumps around. Try to get it to CRUSH you. If you get hit by a heart, you'll have to repeat this level 'till your heart count is 1 again.

Congratulations! You've just beaten Karoshi! Have a good day, and enjoy the unexpected ending.